How to lose belly fat

Losing belly fat is every woman’s dream and everyone would do anything to get that hour glass figure. Well, it is never a walk in the park since losing weight is not just physical but mental. You need to work very hard to be able to lose that fat and maintain your flat tummy and have a positive mentality. You also need to understand that it is not easy to focus on one part of the body when it comes to weight loss. Therefore as you lose your belly fat, you will also be losing weight in other parts of your body. There are products for a flat stomach that you can use for example you can use slimming gel or even slimming pills but with these products, may have harmful effects on your system.

You can also work out and do exercises that would enable you to sweat out the fats, and most importantly take lots of water and avoid fatty foods such as french fries, sausages or even pizza. Working out is tough, but when you are disciplined and watch your diet plus continue to exercise everyday, chances of losing belly fat is so high. For those people who cannot do intense workout can try aerobics. doing aerobics can be a good start. Instead of driving to work everyday, you can opt to walk if it’s a walking distance from your home and if it is not a walking distance then you can park your car far from the office and walk the rest of the distance to work.

reduce belly fat tips

Other people prefer losing belly fat naturally or with homemade products. For instance, the use of green tea. green tea is known to help the body detox and increase immunity. Green tea also increases a person’s appetite therefore restricting one from overfeeding. Eat fat burning foods that are not harmful to your body for example, avocados. These foods would deter your body from accumulating fats hence ensuring that you do not have a big tummy. You should hydrate every time. Take a lot of water; at least eight glasses everyday. Before eating, you can also drink water so that you avoid eating too much as this would enable you not to accumulate fats from fatty foods in your body.

Finally, you can go running, do planks, squats and side stretches. These help tighten your stomach muscles and keep your back and neck in a straight line. with more of these, you will be able to see changes in your belly if you do them correctly and often. In as much as, you would be able to do some of these exercises on your own, it is advisable that you get a workout partner. This way, you two will be able to motivate each other, be there for each other and this would make you push on until you lose that excess stomach fat.

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Reduction of Weight using Acupuncture

Acupuncture for weight loss has become more and more popular as lots of people discover its benefits over traditional methods. A lot of individuals have faced difficulties successfully shedding pounds and keeping it off. A permanent weight reduction goal could be tough to achieve in spite of the perfect diets and workout programs like the flat belly overnight system. Weight, which is lost rapidly because of crash dieting or stringent workout schedule might be obtained back within several months. Because it’s so tough to sustain a particular weight after added pounds are shed, many individuals are turning to other options like acupuncture. What exactly is this all about?

It is a medical therapy which has been practiced for more than 5, 000 years in Eastern medicine. This therapy involves small needles which are inserted into the human body at specific points known as meridians. It’s believed that the body’s natural circulation of energy is obstructed at these points. This therapy has been utilized in Chinese medicine as a part of a program which includes the learning of the internal methods of living things. It is merged with Eastern concepts and beliefs. It has been utilized to relieve allergies, alleviate pain, and deal with addictions. For fat reduction, it is much like hypnosis. The conscious mind is inspired to become tranquil that allows energy to flow freely.

How Does Acupuncture Encourage Weight Loss?

It functions in the same manner as it does for managing other physical functions. Sterile needles are entered into specific areas on the skin. The professionals think that inserting the needles on certain points motivates the body to discharge endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s feel good chemical compounds that enhance happiness and joy along with a relaxed frame of mind. It’s thought that these chemical substances assist reduce insulin levels. Less insulin signifies less fat storage. Experts also believe that the meticulous placement of needles reduces food desires, reduces the appetite, and accelerates the metabolic process.

What Are the Advantages?

One of the greatest advantages, this treatment has over traditional weight reduction techniques is that it is an entirely natural form of therapy. Unlike the usage of conventional weight loss techniques such as diet pills or even surgery, it does not have any harmful side effects. The body will never become addicted to the treatment method, there are not a single hazardous chemical involved, and there is absolutely no manipulation of the internal organs.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The outcomes of this therapy vary with each individual. However, weight can be kept off consistently whenever an appropriate dieting and exercise regime are implemented. A specialist may suggest specific recommendations that need to be put into practice to promote continued fat reduction success.

Treatments might have to be repeated for a prolonged time period to be able to maintain the preliminary results. A person looking for treatment might need a psychological assessment as well. This will help the specialist figure out the most convenient way to implement treatment. With the correct program, an individual can definitely reduce weight and keep it off.

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Muscle Building Workouts

A quick online search will reveal more muscle building workouts than you could possibly try in a lifetime. How can you be sure you are using a program that really works?

There are no perfect muscle building workouts that work for everyone, but there are a lot of well constructed regimens that have been designed by experienced coaches and trainers based on their experience working with hundreds of clients and athletes. I cannot tell you which of these will work best for you, because that mostly depends on, well…you.

My Favorite Muscle Building Workouts

What I can do is share two of my favorite routines. I have used these with many clients as well as myself, and they have consistently provided great results for most of those who have used them.

The 5X5 Method

The 5X5 is my favorite workout mostly because it has worked better for me than any other plan I have tried. It involves performing 5 sets of 5 repetitions per exercise. You will pick two compound exercises per muscle group, and you will train each muscle group two times per week. One the first day you will perform the first exercise, and next time you train that muscle group 3 days later you will perform the second. I will give an example week below for chest training.

Monday: Flat Barbell Bench Press- 5 sets of 5 repetitions with your 7 repetition maximum

Thursday: Incline Dumbbell Press- 5 sets of 5 repetitions with your 7 repetition maximum

By the time you reach your fifth set it will be quite challenging to complete your five repetitions. This workout is great because it increases strength in addition to building muscle.

HIT Method

This is another one of my favorite muscle building workouts that I have had great success with. HIT stands for high intensity training and this method is definitely intense. With this method you will you will also pick two compound exercises per muscle group, and train each muscle group twice per week. You will perform three sets to failure, each in a different repetition range. Below is an example for chest training.

Monday: Flat Barbell Bench Press- 1 set of 5-7 repetitions done to failure, 1 set of 10-12 repetitions done to failure, and 1 set of 15-18 repetitions done to failure.

Thursday: Incline Dumbbell Press- 1 set of 5-7 repetitions done to failure, 1 set of 10-12 repetitions done to failure, and 1 set of 15-18 repetitions done to failure.

This method pushes your muscles to the max by forcing you to go to failure in three different repetition ranges. This thoroughly trains all of the different muscle fiber types in the muscles, and provides excellent results.

Do Not Forget to Eat

These are fantastic workouts but if you do not eat to grow they will not be effective. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet containing:

  • High quality protein (1.5-2 grams per pound of bodyweight daily)
  • Healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, salmon, almond butter and coconut
  • Quality carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice, bananas, and berries

Shoot for a calorie surplus of 500-1,000 calories per day for best results.

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Yoga: A timeless method for ageless beauty

Yoga is often thought of as a series of isolated postures, designed for bodily improvement. Yet the word ‘Yoga’ itself means union or fusion. Yoga is a spiritual practice whose effects are both internal and external. It symbolizes the perfect balance between body and mind. Among the myriad health benefits of Yoga, the most documented is its effect on weight loss. Yoga for weight loss is a mantra advertised by fitness trainers and now international organisations like the UN in the form of International Yoga Day. Indeed yoga offers a stress free and timeless method for losing weight sans the expensive diet plans, surgery or inhibited lifestyle.

Weight loss is often talked about with reference to belly fat, hips or the overall torso. Yet the very concept of weight loss encapsulates the whole body as a unit. For instance, weight loss also leads to cosmetic enhancements through the loss of facial fat among others. Whatever the quantum or region of weight loss, Yoga leads to a holistic weight loss program with enduring benefits with specific postures or ‘asanas’ targeted for specific areas of the body. Got a double chin or some facial fat to lose, go for simhasana. If there is the stubborn belly fat that needs trimming, the fabled suryanamaskar in the morning is your perfect ally. The range and diversity of Yoga postures is unparalleled. Yet, as with every good thing, Yoga too has its fair share of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

Even though there is no prescribed diet plan for yoga, a balanced diet is vital to the success of the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga is best in the morning hours and in general during the day. Its no coincidence that the International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21st, the date of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. There are also specific postures or asanas that should be avoided in case of preexisting physical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal implants etc.

Yoga offers a host of health benefits that do not conform just to cosmetic value. It is a wholesome way of life that promotes a harmony with one’s inner self. Its westernised counterparts might offer a faster and more pragmatic path to weight loss and other benefits. Yet, the organic nature of yoga coupled with its deliberate pace introduces the practitioner to a natural and therapeutic lifestyle. It also introduces values of patience, humility and cooperation which are priceless while undergoing a weight loss regime. The shortcuts of diet pills and weight training might produce instant results. But yoga goes much beyond the realms of a physical regimen; it is a breaking of inhibitions and a journey to a happier and healthier life.

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