About Us

The Cupcake Diva is the new gourmet cupcake company in town. The Cupcake Diva offers custom “made-to-order” cupcakes, cupcake ice cream cones, and interactive cupcake stations for parties and events in South Florida.
The Cupcake Diva was created by Danielle Girten, a South Floridian who turned a lifelong love of baking into a thriving business. It all started when she began baking cupcakes and other sweet treats for family and friends’ birthday parties. Before she knew it, the requests for custom-made cupcakes were pouring in.

The Cupcake Diva knows that it’s all in the details, which is why Danielle uses only the finest ingredients when creating her delectable treats. Madagascar vanilla beans,Valrhona chocolate from France, and pure butter are just some of the premium ingredients which make The Cupcake Diva’s treats better than the rest. Cupcakes are baked daily to ensure freshness, and each one is topped with homemade decorations.

If you are looking for a unique take on the popular treat, then The Diva Delectable Cone is a must-try. The Diva Delectable Cone mimics the look of a soft-serve ice cream cone.

Moist cake sits inside a flat-bottom ice cream cone and a complementary icing flavor is swirled on top; sprinkles complete the look. Not only are these a new and unique way to display cupcakes at your event, but they are also a less messy way for children to indulge!

Make your event memorable with a “Build Your Own Cupcake” station. A variety of flavors of plain cupcakes are pre-made before the event. Different icing flavors, toppings and decorations are displayed, allowing guests to create their own cupcake suited for every individual taste. The “Build Your Own Cupcake” station creates a fun and interactive way for your guests to enjoy cupcakes.
Topping The Cupcake Diva’s menu are the popular mini cupcakes, which are bite-sized versions of the bigger full-size cupcakes. In addition to standard cupcake flavors like Red Velvet, Praline, and Vanilla, The Cupcake Diva offers a twist on the usual flavors, all while ensuring that each bite of moist cake has a perfect frosting compliment. To the Diva, cupcakes are not just small cakes,’ which is why each cake she bakes has a personality all its own. The Viva La Diva’ cupcake is made out of pure pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice and topped with an almond cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips. Other popular cupcakes include Puckered Sweet Cheeks’ and The Smitten Kitten.’

From weddings to Bas Mitzvahs, corporate functions or children’s birthday parties, The Cupcake Diva is sure to add a fun, yet delicious touch to any event or gathering.

She may be a Diva, but The Cupcake Diva certainly does not forget to give back to the community. Most recently, The Cupcake Diva has participated in the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” and the Mary Alper JCC Special Needs “Fab Four” events, and she has worked with the Marnie Rose Foundation, cancer research at MD Anderson. The Cupcake Diva also has an ongoing relationship with Baptist Hospital, donating cupcakes for Relay for Life.