Healthy Living

Many times we intend to lead a healthy life, however, we do not know where to start. Here are some tips on how to have a healthier life, which are focused on three main pillars: diet, exercise and proper stress management. It is important that you incorporate the following tips with discipline and perseverance, you can create a habit and make it part of your daily life, not without first consulting your doctor of confidence.

Eat better

You’ve probably heard Feuerbach’s famous phrase: “We are what we eat” and the truth is right. We are not talking about strict diets, but rather a balanced diet in relation to your level of daily physical and mental activity:

Eat more fruits and vegetables: It is important to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, as they are nutritious foods and provide us with a variety of nutrients essential to our bodies. For example, fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and also helps improve our digestion. Minerals and vitamins are very important for proper nutrition. You must consider that the more colorful your food is, you will provide more nutrients to your diet.

Avoid processed foods: Most processed foods contain chemicals such as preservatives, colorants, texturizers, and flavor enhancers. All these chemicals can be harmful to our body if we consume them regularly. That’s why we recommend you reduce them and prepare your own food at home. Are you dying for chocolate cookies? Prepare them yourself with organic ingredients and you will surely notice the difference.

Leave Sugar: Excess refined sugar is associated with overweight and obesity. You can replace it with honey and organic panela as long as its consumption is moderate. You can also eat fruits to calm those sweet cravings or substitute sugar with a natural sweetener such as Stevia.

Eat more healthy fats: Healthy fats bring us many benefits in fighting heart disease, including: omega-3s (fish such as tuna or salmon, flaxseed, soy, nuts), monounsaturated fats (olive oil, peanuts, avocado, olives) and polyunsaturated fats (soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil). This type of fat will help to improve triglyceride levels, cholesterol and its LDL fraction, as long as we consume them in moderation and without using them to prepare fried foods since we expose them to a saturation process so they lose their property of being healthy.

Drink water: Water is an essential part of a healthy diet and is vital to our body. The human body consists of about 70% water and for this reason it is recommended to consume a minimum of 2 liters daily. Water helps us to maintain the function of our kidneys, to regulate our body temperature, to control our digestive functions and together with an adequate diet helps to maintain our weight at adequate levels. We suggest that you drink water throughout the day and why not replace soft drinks, beer and artificial juices with a refreshing glass of water.

Move more often

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Many times when we hear the word gym we run away or make excuses such as lack of time, tiredness or multiple occupations that saturate our agendas. The truth is that exercise contributes more than just looking good, but also to keep our muscles strong, our bones with the appropriate density, to combat stress and depression, to minimize the risk of heart problems due to overweight and obesity, in short, physical activity seeks to lead to a better quality of life. Here are some tips to keep you more active, until you can generate the habit of exercising daily:

Leave the car: We are used to taking the car everywhere, even when we have to travel short distances. When this is your case, we invite you to walk or ride a bicycle, imagine filling your lungs with oxygen, enjoying the wind on your face, being able to meditate for a few minutes to eliminate stress.

Use the stairs: Many of us are used to using the elevator all the time. Going up and down stairs will help you strengthen your leg muscles, improve circulation and of course burn some colors.

Dynamism for your weekends: take the time to travel and walk with your family on weekends. It includes physical activities such as nature walks, forest walks, beach walks, mountain climbing, rowing in a lagoon, camping, taking a walk with your pet or just practice some recreational physical activity such as cycling, running or sports, in the end enjoy your free time to the fullest.

Saludsa Fitness: The ideal complement to maintain an exercise plan at home with a virtual trainer, without depending on time, tight schedules or chaotic traffic. If you have an individual plan with Saludsa, you can access at no cost a wide variety of training routines according to the objectives you set for this year.


Stress is our body’s response to external pressures such as: work, studies, family responsibilities, financial problems, etc. When we cannot control stress, it can cause us several physical and emotional disorders in a complex phenomenon called somatization, that is to say that our emotions and thoughts are translated in perceptible organic alterations. That’s why we want to share some tips to combat stress:

Exercise: As we talked about in the previous point, exercise is indispensable for our physical, mental and emotional balance. In fact, there is evidence that places it as one of the most effective methods to combat stress. We recommend starting with 30-minute daily routines and gradually increasing their duration each week.

Deep Breathe: Many times when we are under stress or anxious, we tend to breathe faster and shallower, we feel our heart beating louder and we think we can’t control the situation. Each time you feel this way try breathing several times as follows: Inhale slowly and deeply, hold your breath for about 2 seconds and finally exhale slowly. You can hold this breath several times a day to make it a habit, you will see how you feel better.

Meditation: Meditation is an incredible way to combat stress, eliminate negative emotions and calm the thoughts that cause us anxiety. The best times to meditate are: at night before going to bed and when getting up in the morning.

Sleep: Sleep well is essential for our body and allows you to carry your day with greater vitality and energy. You can read more about the importance of sleep here.

As you can see there are many ways you can lead a healthy life. Remember that the better our state of health, the better our brain can work, the more productive we become, the better our quality of life will be, and finally the more pleasant our life will be.